“Technological advances drive unprecedented global connectivity in ‘real time,’ but in Heart-Centered Leadership, Susan Steinbrecher and Joel B. Bennett, Ph.D. offer ‘real time’ solutions to elevate a leader’s abilities to better manage the employee-manager relationship and communication in a time of great uncertainty and digital exuberance, an era which calls for a bit more ‘heart’ in the business equation.”

Judy Martin
Journalist/Work Stress Consultant / WorkLifeNation.com

“BRAVO! Heart-Centered Leadership is a must-read for enlightened executives seeking to do business the right way.”

Frank Sonnenberg

“In their transformational book Heart-Centered Leadership, Susan Steinbrecher and Joel B. Bennett, Ph.D. offer leaders a research-based guide for moving beyond the outmoded, traditional business practices of the past into a place of powerful authenticity and ethics. Taking the ‘inside out’ approach, leaders learn to expand their capacities and stretch beyond their own limitations in order to serve their companies in ways that create both financial health and greater human happiness. This book, with its step-by-step ‘whole person’ approach to business is a vital key to the development of a better world.”

Jean Houston

“Susan and Joel’s book takes a close look at what often guides our decisions—and what should guide our decisions. In a culture where we rush to obtain goals that are often defined by societal pressures and external circumstances, Heart-Centered Leadership serves as a necessary reminder that each of us has unique goals and purposes, and in order to access them, we need to slow down and take a look within. In creating more responsible and conscious businesses, following steps to heart-centered leadership is something a lot of us could benefit from.”

Jeffrey Hollender
Co-founder and former CEO / Seventh Generation

“This book is simultaneously inspirational, heartfelt, and pragmatic. Wonderfully articulated, it offers practical tools that guide readers to feel with the heart and discern with the mind, and ultimately, become great leaders.”

Eva Selhub, MD

“The world of business desperately needs more heart-centered leadership. Focusing on an employee’s whole self and creating an environment of trust and support will undoubtedly allow each person to unleash their creative genius to the benefit of everyone associated with the organization. Operating this way is not only enriching and fulfilling, but, ironically, it’s also the most enduring and profitable approach to business.”

Kip Tindell
Chairman and CEO / The Container Store

“The authors invite—no compel—today’s business leaders to build up their moral courage to do the right thing. If leaders adopted the attitudes and practices of warmth, humility, authenticity, coupled with integrity advocated here, we’d have a new world within a year. Recommended reading for leadership training.”

Dianna Booher

“Susan and Joel brilliantly expose us to how our own inner selves influence our leadership styles and hence our success in business and society. This book shines the light on how self-knowledge, trust and authenticity can unleash tremendous employee engagement, boosting both retention and business results.”

Nadim Kilzi
V.P. Manufacturing / Starbucks Coffee Company

“There is a notable parallel to the seven principles of Heart-Centered Leadership and delivering a rich, meaningful culture within an organization. This book showcases practical models and constructive research around love and caring—essential sentiments for noble human behavior and means for principled leaders. It is a book worth reading for any leader who cares enough to lead well.”

Kent Thiry

“The lessons and techniques presented in Heart-Centered Leadership makes this a must read for any leader that wants to succeed in today’s fast paced world. Susan and Joel have brought to life core principles that every leader should understand and embrace, and we have found the book to inspire us in numerous ways to grow our leadership via principled decision making, connection, and engagement—all essential for success in the 24/7, 100% customer satisfaction driven environment in which we operate.”

Bill Duncan
Global Head, Brand Management / Homewood Suites by Hilton

“Modern science has proven that our decisions and behaviors are primarily driven by our unconscious feelings, beliefs and thoughts. So much for the assumption that we are logical rational machines in business. We are, indeed, humans in business. Heart-Centered Leadership guides modern leaders to tap into the limitless power of our humanity. You will step out of yesterday’s leadership legends and into the next generation of leadership to fuel breakout success for your organizations, your people and yourself. In today’s ever-changing world, filled with threats and uncertainty, Heart-Centered Leadership is just the guide every leader needs to lead their teams into new levels of motivation, performance, productivity and just plain satisfaction.”

Rebel Brown
Keynote Speaker, Coach, Consultant and Author / NeuroBusiness

“Heart-Centered Leadership by Susan Steinbrecher and Joel Bennett presents the path from management to leadership, and on to heart-centered leadership, leading from your best you, on the inside. But the authors don’t stop at simply pointing the way. Once you have a good look at where you are, Heart-Centered Leadership presents 7 principles and their corresponding virtues that will enable you to move as far as you want to go toward being the best heart-centered leader you can be. Take the journey! Make a difference in your leadership and your sphere of influence.”

Mike Henry Sr.