Heart-Centered Leadership: Lead Well, Live Well

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In today’s business climate, companies are often forced to implement sweeping changes in an effort to grow and survive. Organizations must be able to authentically connect with their employees by showing respect and care for their wellbeing – on and off the job. Amidst financial challenges, intense time pressures and limited resources, awareness of your employees’ needs tends to be the first thing that falls by the wayside.

The Need for Heart-Centered Leadership

Susan speakingHeart-centered leadership, characterized by care, concern, honesty and humility is not a “soft” skill but a “dollars and cents” one — which will ultimately provide realistic solutions to retain productive, content employees.

By adopting the principles of heart-centered leadership, you’ll boost over-all profitability by:

  •  Creating emotionally engaged, tuned in employees who are highly motivated to want to do their very best work for you
  •  Creating a workplace that attracts—and keeps—the best and the brightest
  •  Keeping customers and clients satisfied and using your services again

The Heart-Centered Leadership presentation explores both the heart and science of leadership setting a clear path for the attendees to achieve highly effective skills by: exploring what defines a good and bad leader and the impact of each, and reviewing research that indicates how, through a positive emotional climate, employees’ attitudes drive financial results. It leaves the audience feeling motivated to reflect on their personal leadership style and to consider changes. The presentation is highly interactive and fully engages the audience from start to finish.

Heart-Centered Leadership – Presentation example with Susan Steinbrecher:


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