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Removing the Barriers: Three steps to better listening

Leadership requires first connecting to, then inspiring, people. It requires removing our own personal and psychological barriers and recognizing, cultivating, and maintaining that connection. If each of us unveils and removes all the barriers we [...]

Positivity Strategist Podcast: Leadership From the Heart

I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with Robyn Stratton-Berkessel recently. Robyn is a TEDx speaker, author, workshop designer and facilitator. I’ve always admired Robyn’s approach to Appreciate Inquiry – which is just one of [...]

Inspire Wellness in Your Workplace, and Watch Productivity Soar

The missing piece or “hidden gold” of truly effective leadership lies in self-care, lifestyle and personal health. The challenges that leaders and managers face both on a personal level and in business are considerable. Chronic [...]

Conscious Capitalism and the Heart-Centered Leader

Conscious Leadership: Heart-Centered Leadership with Susan Steinbrecher Addison , TX - Wednesday, September 17, 2014 - 11:30am - 1:00pm CDT Lunch provided! Meet us at the cool new space - The Addison TreeHouse and learn [...]

Start-Up? How About Time-Out (to relax): Heart-Centered Tips on Entrepreneurial Stress

Entrepreneurs tend to have higher levels of stress than others. This brief radio interview highlights tips that every entrepreneur should know.

Unique Aspects of Manager Stress: Dr. Bennett Interview

This brief interview highlights key insights about the unique stressors that (middle) managers face and tips for managing stress. Tips Discussed: Proactively and with “eyes wide open” embrace the fact that stress is part of [...]